Another Partial Closure of Oregon Appellate Courts and Tax Court for Thur, Sept 10

Chief Justice Martha Walters has entered CJO 20-035 directing that the Oregon Supreme Court, Oregon Court of Appeals, and Oregon Tax Court be partially closed on Thursday, September 10, due to air quality issues in Salem.

The order provides in part:

  1. This order applies to the described court operations in the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, and the Tax Court, on September 10, 2020.
  2. The courts are closed, within the meaning of ORS 1.060(3) and ORS 174.120(2), for the following purposes: staffing public counters, answering telephones, and filing documents. This closure has no impact to eFiling systems, remote access to case records, or issuance of decisions.
  3. This order documents the effect that the partial closure described in paragraph 2 has on any statutory time limitation that applies to any filing on September 10, 2020, regardless of the manner of submission.
  4. This order is not a court closure for employees of the Oregon Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Tax Court, or Appellate Court Records Section who are authorized to work remotely.

The closing is currently reflected in the “alerts and emergency closures” box on the OJD webpage: