ORAP 16.50 “Bookmark” Issue

If you attended the Fall CLE, you may recall that a question arose during the CLE regarding the judges’ ability to see attorney-created bookmarks in Good Reader.  Good Reader is the program that the judges use on their e-readers to read briefs.  ORAP 16.50 encourages attorneys to use bookmarks and hyperlinks in e-filed briefs.  However, a question arose at the CLE regarding whether attorney-created bookmarks are actually visible in Good Reader.
The Section has worked with appellate court staff to resolve this issue.  Upon investigation, it has been confirmed that attorney-created bookmarks are visible in Good Reader.  They are not in the most obvious location, however, so court staff is working to ensure that all judges know how to find them in Good Reader.  We are glad this issue came to the court’s attention so that it could be resolved. 
Now that this issue is resolved, it is a good time to remember ORAP 16.50.  The Fall CLE materials are on the this website, including a “Handout—ORAP 16.50” that provides step-by-step instructions for adding bookmarks and hyperlinks to e-briefs.
Best regards,
Robyn Aoyagi
Chair, Appellate Practice Section