Call for Oregon Appellate Almanac submissions!

Enjoyed our 2021 edition (or think it was missing something)? We’re now accepting submissions for the 2022 Oregon Appellate Almanac!  The Almanac welcomes submissions of roughly 500 to 2000 words in the following areas:

  • Analysis of intriguing or obscure issues in Oregon appellate law and procedure
  • Biographies, interviews, and profiles of current and past figures in Oregon law and history
  • Court history, statistics, and trivia
  • Humor, wit, poetry, and puzzles

The annual submission deadline is June 1, though our deadlines are notoriously flexible.  You can see all our past issues on the “Almanac” page of this website.  If you have a pet issue but don’t want to write a lengthy article about it, this is your time to shine!

If you have questions or would like to submit a piece, please email the editor, Nora Coon, at [email protected].  

The 2020 Oregon Appellate Almanac is live!

Just under the wire, our 2020 Oregon Appellate Almanac has something for everyone.  It exemplifies the description on the Almanac’s cover: “A Collection of Highly Specific Scholarship, Exuberant Wordplay, and Fond Memories.”  You can read it (and all previous volumes of the Almanac) on our Almanac page.  Please send your comments, questions, and submissions for the 2021 Appellate Almanac to the editor at [email protected].


2014 Appellate Almanac: Submissions Requested

As chair of the Appellate Practice Section, I invite section members to contribute to the 2014 Appellate Almanac.  The section is looking for articles, stories, or interesting data on the Oregon appellate courts or Oregon-related cases in the federal appellate courts.  Academic articles, profiles, funny stories, or the real reason digital clocks mysteriously appeared on the podiums overnight are all welcome additions to this year’s almanac.
If you are interested in contributing this year, please contact me directly.  If you need some inspiration from authors past, prior almanacs are available on the section’s website and provide myriad examples of submissions suitable for publication.  I hope to hear from you! 

First Article Published for the 2014 Appellate Almanac!

The Executive Committee is pleased to present our members with the first article for the 2014 Appellate Almanac, a profile of the Honorable David Schuman, who recently retired from the Oregon Court of Appeals.  Danielle Lordi, a former clerk for Judge Schuman, kindly volunteered her time to author the article.

Again, if you would like the opportunity to contribute to the 2014 Appellate Almanac, please let the Executive Committee Chair know.

A Note from the Chair

Eight years ago, the Appellate Practice Section’s Executive Committee published the first Oregon Appellate Almanac.  Then-Chair, Keith Garza, crafted a 323-page tome filled with wisdom and insight collected from Oregon’s most renowned appellate practitioners and judges.  Well, times have changed…
But hopefully not too much!  This year, the Executive Committee seeks to transform the Oregon Appellate Almanac into an online publication.  Like its six predecessors, Volume 7 of the almanac will serve appellate lawyers and judges by retaining key elements, such as case law summaries, court calendars, statistics, profiles, and articles that improve the practice of appellate law in Oregon.  The new format will foster efficient access to that valuable information.  The section will notify section members when new articles are published, and members can access the articles on the section’s website as soon as they become available.
On behalf of the Executive Committee, I hope that Oregon’s valued appellate practitioners and judges find the new format useful.  I also hope that the format will encourage section members to submit articles for this and future almanacs.  Thank you for bearing with us as we make this important transition.  And have an “Appealing” New Year!
If you wish to have an article published on the Appellate Practice Section website, or as part of the 2014 or future Appellate Almanacs, please contact the section’s current Chair.  Also, please visit the section’s website, which contains submission and publication guidelines to facilitate article editing and submission.